CSL Sound Sofa,You’ll Never Leave Your Couch Again

What’s better than couching yourself on a comfortable sofa and listening to music or reading an eBook? Never having to get up to charge those devices, and having that music come straight from the sofa itself.

The CSL Sound Sofa is one large, comfortable speaker system and charging station. Granted, that includes Apple 32-pin connectors that, according to rumors, might be going by the wayside, but that’s not too big of a concern considering the sofa has an SD card slot, a USB port, and Bluetooth compatibility. The three speakers and bass box embedded in the sofa produce 2.1 stereo sound. A headphone port rounds out the features. Actually, there is one more feature, and it’s probably the most crucial of the lot – the sofa looks very soft and comfortable.

Then again, is a sofa that you have even less reason to get up from really a good idea? It’s a good thing they didn’t include a mini-fridge, too. Actually, maybe I shouldn’t be giving them any ideas. The CSL Sound Sofa is available for £999, or about $1,558.

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