Cygnett Apollo Hybrid Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

It looks like Cygnett has learned a thing or two from Speck’s CandyShell cases. The new Cygnett Apollo case for iPhone 4/4S uses the same ‘hybrid’ technique of combining a soft protective inner lining with a durable, tough outer shell. While it’s reminiscent of the CandyShell, the Apollo case has some nice design cues unique to Cygnett.

The Cygnett Apollo has a suave and clean two-tone appearance. The inside is covered in a soft rubbery shock-absorbing material. The inside rocks a really cool fingerprint-like engraving (which will be unseen to the world). The soft rubberized inner layer makes its way around the front border of iPhone’s face and runs down the bottom and around the case with a branded Cygnett signature. The volume and lock buttons both have rubberized button overlays. We love this since it’s easy and comfortable to access these buttons, no digging!

The outer shell of the case is a tough and smooth matte surface that’s anti-scratch and fingerprint-proof. There’s a large rear cutout for the camera, as well as cutouts for the vibrate toggle switch, headphone port, speaker, dock connector, and microphone. While the cutouts are all large enough for most needs, we prefer one large bottom cutout instead of three dedicated cutouts. With that said, it still worked with all of our cables and most of our iPhone docks.

While the Apollo is pretty similar to Speck’s CandyShell case, it’s actually a bit thinner and lighter. We imagine this was a tough feat for Cygnett as hybrid cases require a certain level of bulk. The CandyShells were always tough to remove iPhone from. The Apollo is also tough, but not impossible to remove. It has some extra flex that makes it a tad easier.

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After having used the Apollo for a couple weeks, it’s held up surprisingly well. Its very clean hard white shell has stayed very clean and white. Even after a really nasty drop onto concrete, the Apollo maintained its clean white color. After relatively rough usage, there are no scratches on the case, just a couple minor indents on the corner from the drop. The soft rubberized border around iPhone’s frame is usually the first to show wear on Speck’s CandyShells. Considering the border on Cygnett’s Apollo case is already dark gray, it doesn’t show wear nearly as easily. It looks unchanged to me, but it’s possible that the frame darkened a tad.

When it comes to protection, the Cygnett Apollo is pretty much as good as it gets. My iPhone can vouch for this. It even includes an iPhone screen protector! This clean and suave-looking case is also quite durable and very usable. The Cygnett Apollo case works for iPhone 4 and 4S on all carriers. From Cygnett, the Apollo case is available in White, Black, or Purple for $29.99. Surprisingly, on Amazon the Apollo case is also available in Red, and not White. Considering the standard iPhone case costs $29.99, the Apollo case is very worth it.

The Good: Protective, durable, clean, nice design, button overlays, pretty light, includes screen protector, comfortable to use, scratch-proof, finger-print proof.

The Bad: Nothing really. More colors could be nice!

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