Now You Can Dance with the Stars Online

Or, more specifically, you’ll be dancing with the dance professionals, but hey, they’re the real stars of the show, right?

Dancing With the Stars is launching “Keep Dancing,” a browser-based online multiplayer game. You create a custom avatar and dress her up with sequins, heels, hairstyles, and lipstick, while designating digital you’s nutrition regimen and publicity. Past that, it’s an RPG-like game where leveling up nets you new skills, costumes, and other goodies. You can choose which dance professional you want to tango with, and compete against other players using preset or custom dance routines.

So, what’s the reward for digital mastery of Keep Dancing? A digital Mirror Ball trophy, of course! The beta is up now at www.dwtskeepdancing.com. Don’t dig the browser games? Dancing With the Stars has been making the gaming rounds, and turned out a decent party game on the Wii not too long ago.

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