Avengers Unite On Your Desk as Lifelike USB Drives

If they can team up to save the world, they can very well team up to save your files. Sometime this week, you can get all four Avengers in USB flash drive form courtesy of Dane-Elec. In addition to separate Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America 8 GB flash drives, Dane-Elec will be selling an Avengers 4-port USB hub, because teamwork is important.

Dane-Elec claims that the selling price for these drives will be $19.99, and will be available on Amazon this week. It seems like that will also be the price for the 4-port USB hub. Apparently, the Avengers can assemble well enough when the world is at stake, but it’ll take a little green to get them to work for you. Fair enough – they seem busy.

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