Two Dollars a Box is the Go-To Destination for Cheap Cheerios

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you and your family are well aware of this, then you’re also aware of how ridiculous cereal prices have gotten. How many of us have gone to the store and almost fainted at the prices of cereal! It can sometimes get as high as $6 a box and when you need to buy multiple boxes for large families on a budget – that just becomes outrageous. The new website TwoDollarsaBox.com allows you to capitalize on Amazon’s established marketplace by sniffing out the cereal deals where boxes average out to prices in the two dollar range. Now that’s a worthy price for cereal!

Two Dollars a Box searches Amazon for new cereal deals every five minutes. Every cereal averages for $2 and change, or less. To cash in on cereal deals from Amazon, you usually have to buy a few (3-4) boxes at a time. If your household is big on cereal, then this should be a good thing.

The beauty of Two Dollars a Box is that all the cereal is provided by Amazon, or Amazon-approved suppliers.  Two Dollars a Box seems to only select cereals that are Amazon Prime Eligible. As an Amazon Prime member you can have cereal sent home with free shipping. It’s a hard deal to beat.

At the time of this post, you can purchase three boxes of Apple Jacks Cereal for $5.80. If you have Amazon Prime, those three boxes can actually be yours for $5.80 shipped (tax where applicable). That’s just $1.93 per box, an unbeatable price for cereal in almost any store. To shave off even more money, you can sign up for Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program. You can cancel anytime after shipment. It usually offers a 5%-15% discount and there are no commitments or penalties for canceling.

While you could also just go to Amazon and search for any cereal, Two Dollars a Box takes the brunt work out of finding the good deals. The high resolution images and nifty layout also makes Two Dollars a Fun place to shop and peruse different cereals. In fact I’m was craving some POPS right now. The cereals at Two Dollars a Box range from sweet and sugary to healthy and hearty. It includes all your favorite brands like General Mills, Kellogg’s, Post, and others.

Don’t spend $5+ for a box of cereal at the store when you can almost get 3 boxes of cereal for the same price using Two Dollars a Box. Once you get used to having cereal shipped straight to the door, you won’t want it any other way. Pass the milk please.

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