Domo Goes Glow-in-the-Dark, and More New Domo Toys!

RAWR! Domo’s on the loose, an he’s taking over our office! Domo has become a very recognizable character in popular culture lately. His trademark open monster mouth and twinkie-like body has made him an archetype for cute monsters.

Domo has really expanded his product line. We’ve gotten our hands on a few of his adorable items. Our current Domo lineup consists of a Domo Backpack, Plush Super Hero Domo, Glow-In-The-Dark Domo Figurine, Black Light Vinyl Domo Figurine, and even a Domo body piercing!

Each Domo product is cuter than the last. They’re even very affordable. The Plush Super Hero Domo is 6.5″ and cuddly as ever. This classic toy is fun for just about anyone. Even our canine employees are begging for plush Domo. The 15″ Domo backpack is just about as cuddly as our plush Super Hero. The backpack even has stuffed arms and legs, as well as a spacious zippered pocket and adjustable straps for comfort.

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The 2″ Domo Qee Figurine is green and glows in the dark. It’s even black light reactive. Its little arms and legs move, and he stands upright on his own. Take the 2″ Domo a step further with the 4″ Vinyl Domo that glows in the dark. The Dark Horse Deluxe 4″ Vinyl Domo comes in a variety of fluorescent colors. It looks much like some of the vinyl Kid Robot figurines.

If you shop on Amazon, then the Domo toys are really affordable considering how popular he’s become. For example, the Dark Horse Deluxe 4″ Vinyl Domo Black Light Figurine is $14.99 and comes in fluorescent blur, purple, orange, red, yellow, green, and pink. A vinyl Kid Robot toy of this size would cost much more.

The Domo Plush Figures come in a variety of sizes. The 6.5 inch Superhero Domo costs $12.91 at Amazon. The Domo Stuffed Plush Backpack costs $27.95, although Amazon has a few different varieties with prices starting at $17.60.

The 2″ Domo Qee Glow-in-the-Dark figure is available as a blind box. There are a variety of mystery colors, including green, purple, blue, yellow, brown, tan, and purple. Unfortunately, these only seem to be available from UrbanOutfitters.com, for $8.

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