EliteBook 2170p is HP’s Smallest Ever Business Laptop

Thanks to the HP EliteBook 2170p, taking out your laptop in the security line at the airport will have never been easier. The newest business-directed notebook from HP is its smallest yet, sporting an 11.6” screen and weighing just less than 2.9 pounds.

Among the business-friendly features of the 2170p are a backlit keyboard for low-light conditions and easy docking with other laptops – other HP laptops, that is. The 2170p is also built to take at least a little bit of a beating, so there’s a good chance one drop won’t kill it immediately.

Most intriguing is built-in 3G and 4G network compatibility. 4G comes in both HSPA+ and LTE forms, though whether or not you have access to LTE yet isn’t up to HP. In order to access those connections, you’ll need to work out a separate contract with a service provider, but if you’re willing to put down the cash, it’s hard to argue against 3G and 4G access on a laptop being a very convenient feature.

The EliteBook 2170p also features a low-voltage processor that keeps battery consumption down, lengthening the battery life and making the notebook pretty handy for long flights.

There are no surprises with specs – the 2170p runs on your choice of Intel 3rd generation core processor. The option of having as much as 16 GB of DDR3 RAM is a very nice prospect for those who need to run more graphics-intensive programs. The machine is USB 3.0 compatible, and graphics processing is handled by Intel HD graphics.

The EliteBook 2170p is being marketed as a tool for the traveling businessman or woman, and for good reason. Anything that lightens the traveler’s load is a welcome addition. The fact that the 2170p manages to do that without sacrificing much in the way of quality is a nice thing to see. There are no specifics available yet about pricing or a release date, but HP’s website says it is coming soon.

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