Queen Elizabeth II Goes 3D For Her Diamond Jubilee

Preparations are being made in England to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, as she marks 60 years as reigning monarch. It certainly is something to be celebrated – only one other English monarch, Queen Victoria, has made it to 60 years on the throne. But, unlike Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II is reigning at a time where technology has given us 3D. Forget oil and pastel self-portraits – now you can see the future of royal art.

Artist Chris Levine has created “Equanimity,” a holographic portrait of the queen constructed from 10,000 pictures of the queen’s head at different angles, which sounds like it must have been really fun for the queen to sit through. Now, “Equanimity” is being combined with a replica of the diadem Queen Elizabeth II wore at her coronation. That replica, crafted by jewelers from Asprey, is made up of a ridiculous 1,000 plus brilliant-cut white diamonds and pearls, set in platinum. After being superimposed on “Equanimity,” the piece will be called “The Diamond Queen,” and will be on display at Asprey’s flagship store on Bond Street. After that, it will be on display for about one week at the Masterpiece fair in London.

Now, if you’re interested, “The Diamond Queen” is up for auction until July 12th. But, if for some reason I can’t fathom, you feel like you can’t compete in that bidding process, don’t worry! You can still celebrate the Diamond Jubilee in a tech-friendly way. Just grab a Solar Queen Jubilee Edition figurine – her hand waves thanks to the power of the sun, and it can be yours for $25. It’s no 1,000 diamonds and pearls, but you have to take what you can get, right?

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