ElliptiGo is an Elliptical Bicycle That Will Burn Calories and Your Wallet

Running is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. Unfortunately, as all avid runners know, Newton’s Third Law of Motion has some bad news for runners and would-be runners everywhere – putting feet to the pavement can be great, but the punishment pavement dishes out on your body tends to be not so great.

For older runners who can’t take the strain running puts on the feet and knees, or for runners who don’t want to sacrifice joint health for bodily health, the ElliptiGo might just be a holy grail of sorts. It’s a bicycle that confers the benefits of running without the drawbacks.

The ElliptiGo is the first bicycle powered by an elliptical machine, rather than pedaling. Other than that difference, the ElliptiGo handles like any other bicycle would, but manages to be a little more useful – you can mount it in the home to use it as a regular elliptical machine. There are multiple models available for various kinds of terrain, and the steering column and front wheel can be removed or folded for easy storage.

Amazing, right? It’s having your cake and eating it, too, for runners. Is there a catch? Unfortunately, yes, and it’s a big one. It’s the kind that involves a lot of numbers. The admittedly ingenious ElliptiGo comes with a staggering $1,800 base price, with more expensive models available that top out at $3,500. That’s going to cause some pain all by itself.

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