Embarakiya Floor Lamp is An Arab Sheikh in Disguise

I guess if you’re showing something off at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, you’re not just going to be proudly displaying a regular old piece of furniture. Bringing something new to the table seems to be a prerequisite. I’m not sure how to describe the Embarakiya, but it certainly is new, I’ll give it that.

The Embarakiya is a floor lamp in the guise of a human being dressed in traditional Kuwaiti clothing. The body is made of fiberglass, while the head is covered by a lampshade made of the same fabric that usually goes into a traditional headdress. Just for kicks, there’s a speaker embedded in the chest, too. The best part might be how you turn the lamp on. You will do that by shaking hands. With your lamp.

I’m not totally sure what’s going on with this one. Maybe there’s some symbolism I’m missing. Either way, the Embarakiya is unarguably blazing its own trail in the otherwise staid world of floor lamps, for what that’s worth. Keep an eye out for pricing and availability details if you’re interested in having a more pleasant, civil relationship with your floor lamp.

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