Oh My Giddy Aunt – a Tardis USB Memory Stick!

You may not have a real Tardis, but this latest piece of merch from Doctor Who might be the next best thing to owning an actual time machine. The Tardis 4GB USB Memory Stick will not only make all your geeky Doctor Who friends jealous because of how adorable and bite size it is, but is also serves an actual purpose of storing data when you are out and about saving the world from a data storage crisis.

When the Tardis is working, a blue LED busy light will glow and even doubles as keyring for extra coolness. And while the Tardis USB Memory Stick is essentially a fun flash drive, the shape of the USB portion actually looks like you’ll have to be creative when you stick it inside your computer, as it might take up two ports because of its design. The Doctor Who Tardis 4GB Memory Stick will retail for $29.99 and it is available for pre-order.

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