80-Year-Old Granny Goes Skydiving, Lives to Tell About it – Barely

There’s a YouTube video making the rounds of an elderly grandmother whose skydiving adventure took a turn for the worse, but then ended up alright. From the looks of it, things certainly had the potential to not go alright.

Laverne Everett, an 81-year-old grandmother, claimed she had wanted to go skydiving for years, and looked enthusiastic pre-flight. The video during the flight and jump tells a different, but very hazy, story. It looks like at the time of the jump, Everett is trying to back out, but is forced out of the plane by the instructor. Not so, says Everett herself, who claims that it was simply her knees that gave out. I’m not sure whether or not weak knees should be taken in the literal or figurative sense here, but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

But, as you can see in the video, that’s not even the bad part. That comes after the jump, when Everett’s harness comes loose, forcing the instructor to awkwardly grab hold of the grandmother to make sure she didn’t meet an unfortunate end. Good thing he succeeded in doing so, although it’s too bad that Everett’s skydiving experience largely took place with her shirt covering her eyes. Then again, given the situation, maybe not being able to look down was a good thing.

The instructor successfully held on, and Everett made it out safe and sound. Maybe not too shaken, though – Everett is already talking about new adventures, including riding in a race car. Can’t keep a good grandmother down.

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