Smaller Connector on iPhone 5 May Lead to iPhone Dock Suicides

I’ll start this off with an obligatory Apple rumor disclaimer – you should probably assume that these pictures from 9to5 Mac, supposedly of the iPhone 5 (if that is actually the phone’s name), are fakes. Plenty of reasons have been given why these pictures could be fakes – the earphone jack on the bottom, the larger screen, and that downsized dock connector. The best reason that these pictures are probably fakes still remains the fact that these are Apple rumors we’re talking about.

But, should the iPhone in these pictures turn out to be the real deal, the biggest change will certainly be the smaller dock connector. Reasons for a potential dock connector overhaul vary, with the most likely being faster transfer speeds. That won’t mean much for recent buyers of iPhone speaker docks, who will be more than disappointed to know that their new sound systems will die with their current iPhones. Fortunately, most speaker docks coming out these days also have Bluetooth connectivity built in, so it’s far from a total loss. It might be harder on the companies who churn out those speaker docks – they might need to scramble to come up with some new ideas.

Or, this could be complete nonsense and the new iPhone will retain the old connector. Who knows?

Via Gizmodo from 9to5 Mac

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