Lenovo Shrinks the Desktop with the M92p Tiny and M72e Tiny

Trying to corner the market in space-saving tech seems like a pretty solid idea, given the amount of stuff that is usually packed into the area on or around a computer desk. Lenovo is trying to do that with their new M92p Tiny and M72e Tiny models, two desktop PCs that don’t look like desktop PCs from first glance – because they’re about the thickness of a golf ball.

Both models will run on Intel Ivy bridge processors, as good as the i7, and will use ICE 2 cooling engines to lengthen the life span of the computer. Both are also set up for Think VoIP, and come with business and enterprise software to help promote productivity and effective multi-tasking.

The M92p Tiny runs green, running on 40% less power, and features Intel vPro, which allows for remote maintenance and management. It also has support for up to four different displays simultaneously.

For businesses that need a lot of computers, and don’t have a whole lot of space to put them, the Lenovo Tiny models look like lifesavers. Start-ups and small businesses should probably take a good look at these, especially because the decreased demand on power supplies will probably mean lighter electricity bills, too.

Pricing begins at $499 for the M72e and $799 for the M92p, both desktops land in June.

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