LG Shows Off Next Gen Google TV at Internet Week

At Internet Week in New York, an event running from May 14 to May 17, LG officially announced its entry into the next generation of Google TVs. The models, which will be coming in 47” and 55” inch varieties, will feature LG’s dual-core L9 processors and will try to improve upon the first generation of Google TV’s less-than-stellar performance in the marketplace. The LG G2 Series are the first next generation Google TV-powered televisions to be unveiled this year.

If LG does find success this year, it could largely be because of vast improvements Google has made to its television service. The new Google TV is much more streamlined and simplified, though Google has work to do convincing the market that it’s safe to come back to Google TV.

The LG G2 Series LED televisions, in addition to those dual-core processors, will feature quad-core GPUs, which both LG and Google believe will improve performance when users stream entertainment from online sources, in particular. The G2 Magic Remote will have similar functionality to the remote coming with Samsung’s new Smart TVs, adding gesture and simple voice control. It will still have a QWERTY keyboard, though, which many have found and will find cumbersome.

The display uses LG’s Cinema 3D technology, and will be compatible with lightweight, battery-free 3D glasses to provide HD 3D content.

Unfortunately, that last word is still the bane of Google TV’s existence – content. Though the experience is much more streamlined and user-friendly, Google TV still lacks crucial content partners, including Hulu Plus and ABC. All online content will mostly come from Amazon, Netflix, or YouTube, though HBO Go is also onboard.

When they hit stores sometime this month, the LG G2 Series televisions will sell for $1,700 and $2,300, for the 47” and 55” models, respectively.

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