Life’s Good Fairytales App + Win $100 for the Google Play store!

The LG Viper for Sprint isn’t just another hot new Android phone, but it’s also a smartphone that has been designed with the busy parent in mind. LG has collected research in which nearly one-third (27 percent) of parents from the survey indicated that they have read a book to their children from a smartphone. They also discovered that more than half (57 percent) of all parents surveyed rely on their smartphones to keep them on track.

Because of LG’s new found awareness of how smartphones have become an integral part of family life, they have decided to take things one step further by preloading the Viper with the Life’s Good Fairytales app. The Life’s Good Fairytales app is essentially an interactive storybook, that lets kids and parents get involved in story time together.  The app lets you customize stories with text, photos and even their own voices. The app comes with a total of 6 different fun stories featuring everything from princesses to monsters!  And when you’re done with the story, you can even share it with friends and family on Facebook.

The Life’s Good Fairytales App is free for LG Viper users on Google Play. But other Android users can head over to lg.com/Viper to get the app.

Besides preloading the phone with this special app, the LG Viper has lots more to offer.  For starters, it has an amazing 4″ 700 nit display, that is not only super colorful and sharp, but it also holds up really well under direct sunlight. The phone also packs in a 5 MP camera that can record full HD video, along with a front-facing camera that is ready for  video chats between family members.  The Viper also comes with NFC and Google Wallet support – so that you can make secure payments while on the go, without ever pulling out your  wallet. LG is also including 50GB of free cloud storage from Box.net that can be used to store family photos and videos. This alone is a $240 value! The phone is also future proof, since it comes with support for Sprint’s upcoming 4G LTE high speed network. Finally, Keeping family budgets in mind, LG and Sprint have made sure that the handset is an affordable price at  just $99 with a 2 year contract.

Win $100 Credit at the Google Play Store!

Check out the video above and then enter for a chance to win a $100 in credit at the Google Play store, which can be used to buy apps, music, movies and more. And there are several ways to enter! However to enter, you must use the Rafflecopter box below. Entries will be accepted through June 30th 2012.

This video has been brought to you by LG


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  1. I like how stories can be customized with text, photos and with their own voices. Neat for interaction with our kids/grandchildren!

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