LimoLand Spreads Some Fashion to the Jawbone Bluetooth Speaker

That funky man in blue pictured above is going to provide you with some monster sound if you grab one of these LimoLand x Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speakers.

The unit is a portable speaker measuring 151 x 57 x 40 mm and weighing only 327 grams. Despite its size, it can produce some massive sound – up to 85 dB courtesy of powerful acoustic drivers that perform well with both high and low frequencies. Jawbone is promising that the sound quality and volume from just one of these guys will be able to fill up an entire room, no matter what the size. Not bad for something you can carry around without much effort.

LimoLand is a bright, colorful brand of lifestyle products led by the design choices of Jean “Johnny” Pigozzi, of France. Pigozzi boasts the world’s largest collection of Contemporary African Art, which explains the blue guy gracing these speakers – he’s based on a design from late Tanzanian artist George Lilanga.

The big sound of the tiny Jambox Bluetooth Speaker comes at the price of around $320, with VAT included. You can take your next vital step toward bringing the funk on Colette‘s website.

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