Now You Can Litter the Galaxy with Tweets in Space

Because humanity understands the value of first impressions and putting your best foot forward, our latest attempt to contact life on planets elsewhere will feature tweets. From Twitter.

Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern will host a live performance called Tweets in Space on September 21st at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum (why not?), where they will beam tweets with the hashtag #tweetsinspace to planet GJ667Cc, a planet 22 light-years away that scientists believe has the ability to support life. Kildall and Stern have only raised $1,600 of the $8,500 they need to put their plan into action thus far (no, not Kickstarter this time – a similar site called Rockethub) and are in talks with members of the government and the scientific community in the field to set up their Twitter beam.

So, 22 years from now, extraterrestrials might just receive a deluge of the finest humanity has to offer, via the well-manicured communication engine that is Twitter. Hope they like cat pictures, weird porn, and Ron Paul as much as the Internet does. Otherwise, they’ll be receiving a huge package of arguably humanity’s most refined export – awkwardness.

Via New York Daily News

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