Little Monsters is a Social Network for Lady Gaga Fans

As if Lady Gaga wasn’t already the queen of Social Media, Gaga has just launched her own social networking site dubbed Little Monsters. The site is designed to be a place where Gaga fans can go to socialize with one another, as well as share Gaga inspired photos and videos.

Currently, the site is open in beta and is invite only, but it already has a base of under 100,000 users. And although, we don’t have access to the site ourselves, from the screenshots we caught at the Boston Herald, it seems that the site’s design is very Pintrest-inspired in its current form. Other site features include chat rooms (remember those?) with a built-in translator.

But one thing is for sure, non-Little Monsters need not apply, as this is one social network where you really have to be a dedicated Gaga fan to truly participate. For example, users are required to answer Gaga-related questions about themselves, such as where they were when they heard their first song by “Mother Monster.”

Little Monsters is actually the brainchild of Backplane, a company which was co-founded by Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter. The company’s work-force includes many ex-Google and Facebook employees. Backplane also plans to produce other similar social networking communities like Little Monsters, that will bring together like minded individuals around a celebrity or cause.

“The goal of Little Monsters and Backplane is to unite people around affinities, interests and movements,” said Matt Michelsen, CEO of Backplane.

Currently Gaga has over 25 million Twitter Fans and over 50 million Facebook fans. So we’re pretty confident that Little Monsters will be a big success.

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