Dump Your Apple Keyboard For the Logitech K760 Solar Keyboard

Logitech’s new wireless keyboard looks to be the ultimate all-in-one Apple companion keyboard, while keeping things eco-friendly. The Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 appears to be a success on both counts.

The K760 follows Logitech’s trend of making thin, minimalist keyboards, which fits in nicely with the aesthetic of Apple products. The K760 has a Mac layout, and can be paired using Bluetooth with a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. The keyboard can be connected to three Apple devices at once, and can switch between devices with the press of a button.

Solar cells on the keyboard make it truly wireless – even if the keyboard only soaks up minimal sunlight, Logitech is saying the keyboard should last three months on a single charge. The K760 should pick up enough solar energy along the way to keep it powered for a very long time.

The Logitech Solar Keyboard K760 is slated to hit stores sometime in the next couple of weeks for about $80.

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