London to be Used as Massive Smart City Lab

When you look at the city of London, you might see a city rich with history and culture. When Intel looks at it, it sees a laboratory.

That’s what London will be, now that Intel has opened up The Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable Connected Cities at 10 Downing Street. The center is a joint project with University College London and Imperial College to…well, it’s not clear exactly what they’ll be doing, yet.

Research done by the center will work toward solving environmental, social, and economic problems, which is about as broad and undefined of a goal as you can possibly make. The first goal, though, is to collect data – lots of it. The center will begin by collecting information about air quality, traffic flow, and water supplies, among countless other factors. Much of that information will be crowdsourced, which is probably the only way a project on this scale can be made possible, especially considering that at the outset, only 12 researchers will be working at the center.

The center will be diving into the deep end from the outset – the initial project will involve a comprehensive study of the city during the upcoming Olympic Games. Best of luck to the brave 12 who will be tackling that one.