M-Edge Trip Jacket New iPad Case Review

M-Edge took ingenuity to the next level when designing their uView Mounting System, the killer feature of their new Trip Jacket case for the New iPad 3. Their new breed of iPad cases have functionality like no other. The Trip Jacket is capable of easily propping iPad at a variety of angles, and in both landscape and portrait orientations. M-Edge managed to accomplish such a feat while still maintaining a sleek, lightweight, protective, and attractive design.

The M-Edge Trip Jacket appears to just be a regular iPad portfolio case, little do people know, its got a real trick up its sleeve. As with most portfolio cases, iPad is secured on the inside, and there’s a protective front cover. On the Trip Jacket, the outside covers are designed with a durable twill and treated with ScotchGuard to repel liquid and dirt. The inside of the covers are a soft micro-fiber with a leather trim. The front cover is sealed closed with an elastic strap.

On the inside of the case, iPad mounts into four plastic corner holsters. It provides a perfect and secure fit for iPad, while giving ultimate access to all ports and buttons. The Trip Jacket’s magic trick is that the holster which docks iPad is completely removable. The iPad, with holster, snaps off of the case and can remount iPad in landscape or portrait mode. The holster can also slide up or down to provide unobtrusive access to iPad’s camera. M-Edge calls this their uView Mounting System, patent pending. To fully understand it, take a look at the video and see the system in action.

The back cover has a fold running vertically down the center. With the front cover laying on a surface, the back cover is folded back and rests on one of the three grooves on the top of the front cover. This creates three different portrait and landscape viewing angles for iPad. It’s pretty much every viewing angle you could possibly ask for!

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The real question is how usable is the Trip Jacket, really? It’s actually surprisingly usable. Snapping the holster, or ‘uView Mount’, off of the case and snapping it back on takes some getting used to. Since the system is plastic, it feels like you’re going to break something, but it’s proved itself to be quite durable. Sliding iPad upward to use the camera is also a little strange at first, but it solves a problem that most cases fall victim of: a blocked photo when the cover is folded behind iPad. The mounting is pretty sturdy, especially considering how quick and easy it is. I was able to type up most of this review on the train, with iPad on the lowest incline in portrait mode. This is great because it’s a lot easier for me to type in portrait mode; the incline really helps. Once the case is properly laid in a docking groove, it stays up, even with typing. If Trip Jacket is propped on your legs, then movement can undock iPad, but on a flat surface this doesn’t really happen.

All-in-all, the M-Edge Trip Jacket is one of the most versatile iPad cases out there. At last there’s a case that you can easily prop iPad up in a portrait fashion. This is perfect for typing documents. While the uView Mounting System is plasticky and different, it works really well once you get used to it. The Trip Jacket cases are made in some neat retro-inspired colors. It’s currently available in Purple with Black, Black with Lime, and Pomegranate with Blue (pictured). It costs $39.99 from M-Edge directly. Considering this is pretty much the standard price for iPad cases, the Trip Jacket is very worth it for it’s versatility and usability alone. The M-Edge Trip Jacket for the New iPad 3 even fits the iPad 2, however M-Edge makes an iPad 2 version which may provide a slightly better fit.

The Good: Landscape and portrait stands at multiple angles, thin, light, protective, durable, affordable, camera doesn’t get blocked when cover is folded behind case, and cool color schemes.

The Bad: There’s a learning curve, the right half of the back cover isn’t attached to iPad and can awkwardly fall, and uView is plasticky

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