Android App of the Week: MapsWithMe Puts Offline Maps in Your Pocket for Free

How does that happen? MapsWithMe uses the still relatively young OpenStreetMap to provide users with maps for countries all around the world, for free. The app provides downloads of compressed map files, so the download process isn’t outrageously long. GPS tracking is also included in the app.

OpenStreetMap, an open source mapping project, is still young and rough around the edges, but as far as basic road maps go, you could do worse. Having solid offline maps for free is a big win for travelers, and OpenStreetMap will get the job done in terms of getting you around.

Both a pro version and a lite version of the app are available on Google Play. MapsWithMe Pro adds in a search location feature, with bookmarks coming in a later update, for $4.99. MapsWithMe Lite is free, and only has downloadable maps and geolocation, which could be enough for many.

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