Win a Samsung Galaxy Note + Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just a little over a week away – time to make sure you don’t disappoint. What’s the best way to make mom smile this year? With a little dose of technology to make mom’s life a little easier courtesy of some of the hottest gadgets on the market right now. Given how hard we make things on her, she more than deserves it.

We’re also giving away the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone for AT&T! So here is your chance to win one for mom – or for yourself!

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Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus

For the domestically-inclined mom, the Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus helps make a tablet a kitchen staple. The stand itself has rubber grips that prevent slippage, while the stylus allows mom to search through recipes and ingredients without getting the screen dirty, so she can feel free to be as messy as she wants to be in the kitchen. After all, everyone knows taste rises in proportion with mess left afterwards. The Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus is selling on Belkin’s website for about $40.


Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T

Samsung’s Incredible Hulk of a smartphone could be just the ticket for mom this year. Why? Simple – there’s no better smartphone for mom to help her create priceless customized family memories. The Galaxy Note‘s S Pen lets users get some serious artwork done on the Note’s 5.3” display, from casual doodles and text on pictures to original creations leaping out of mom’s fruitful imagination. Just make sure mom has big enough hands to actually use the Note as a phone. You can grab the Galaxy Note for about $300 with a two-year contract from AT&T.


Philips CitiScape Headphones

Help mom listen to her tunes in comfort with the Philips CitiScape Headphones. The headphones and headband are generously padded, and the CitiScapes are fairly good at noise cancellation. The mid-tier audio is good enough to satisfy all but the audiophile moms. Best of all, the cords are flat and anti-tangle, because mom doesn’t need any more trouble than she already has. The Philips CitiScape Headphones are selling for about $100, and available in purple, black, and grey.

iHome iP4 iPhone/iPod Docking System

Does mom like to keep it funky at all times? Get her the iHome iPhone/iPod Docking System, a bright pink throwback to the classic days of big boomboxes and thumping bass. And thumping bass there will be, thanks to two 4” woofers and two 1” tweeters, along with SRS TruBass. The 5 band equalizer completes the effect, making for one mean speaker dock for mom. Hopefully her taste in music is the best in the house, because once she gets her hands on this, her music pumping through the house is the only thing you’ll be able to hear. The iHome iPhone/iPod Docking System is selling from Urban Outfitters for about $200.


Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera

Don’t know what to get mom this year? The gift of nostalgia is almost always a winner. Bring mom back to the glory days of instant photography in a modern way with the Z340 Instant Digital Camera, the brainchild of Polaroid and creative director Lady Gaga. The 14 MP camera takes digital shots that mom can choose to print immediately with the ZINK printer, which requires no future ink purchases (though you’ll need more ZINK paper past the 10 sheets that come with the camera). There are some limited editing options that can be handled before printing using the 2.7” LCD screen, and different photo borders can be downloaded to the camera. The battery only allows for about 25 pictures to be taken, though, and the camera costs about $300. It’s a steep price, but for moms who pine for the old days of photography, the trip down memory lane might be worth it.


Sony Bloggie Sport HD Camera

Some moms cook and clean. Some moms scuba dive and climb mountains. Some moms do all of the above, and then some. For the moms on the more extreme side of the spectrum, the Sony Bloggie Sport HD Camera makes sure she can chronicle all of her adventures, no matter where she is. This camera is as tough as mom, a dirt-resistant and waterproof (up to 16 feet) device that can take some pretty impressive underwater photos. With anti-blur tech, mom will always get clear, crisp shots, even when on the move. All of that will be captured in 1080p HD, and video and stills can be taken at the same time. Gear up mom for her next extreme sports outing for about $180 off Sony’s website. The Bloggie comes in black, red, and blue.

NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight

With eBook library check-outs and affordable eBooks for sale, eReaders have become big with the mom crowd, especially for the voracious readers out there. Unfortunately, if mom wants something easy on the eyes, she’ll need to go E Ink, and that means no nighttime reading without an external light. The last part might not make dad too happy when he’s trying to sleep. Fortunately, the NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight has finally put this problem to bed with the first E Ink eReader with a lighted screen for nighttime reading. Mom can enjoy the improved reading experience that E Ink offers while still being able to read at night, and dad can get some sleep. Everybody wins. The NOOK Simple Touch is available for pre-order now for $139, and will ship in May, just in time for Mother’s Day.


Monster iSport Livestrong In-Ear Headphones

Keep mom motivated at the gym with the iSport Livestrong In-Ear Headphones, upper-tier sport earphones from Monster. The rotating SportClips with OmniTips secure the earbuds to the ears, keeping them from falling out during vigorous exercise. The eartips themselves isolate sound and keep moisture out of the ear, making for a quality listening experience even under the most sweaty conditions. The anti-tangle flat cords are a boon, and every purchase will go towards Radio Shack’s yearly donation to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. You can get these sport earphones for about $180 from Monster’s website.


HoMedics Shiatsu Massaging Office Chair

From work during the day to cleaning up after the entire family at home, a mother’s work is never done. So, for the rare times mom actually gets to sit down and take a breather, you might as well make sure she gets the most out of it. The HoMedics Shiatsu Massaging Office Chair is the ideal candidate to get that job done. The ultimate office chair provides adjustable Shiatsu massages, giving full, upper-, or lower-back massages sure to take the edge off mom after a long day. The chair also has a built-in heating pad to complete the relaxation experience. And, if ever the massaging parts of the chair fail, they can be easily removed and sent in for repair separately, so mom isn’t out a chair just because the electronics went faulty. The HoMedics Shiatsu Massaging Office Chair is selling now on hayneedle.com for about $200.

Garmin GTU 10 Tracker

Keeping tabs is part of mom’s job description. Few devices help her do that like the Garmin GTU 10 Tracker, a GPS Tracker that can make sure kids stay out of trouble and pets don’t roam too far away from home. The small, 1.7 ounce tracker can be customized using browser or smartphone applications, allowing users to create up to 10 geofences, marking safe zones for the carrier of the device. Email and text alerts can be sent whenever the wearer exits or enters a geofence, and tracking history can be viewed for the most recent 24 hours. Using a browser or smartphone application, mom can play Big Brother (Sister?) like never before, with the ability to check the device’s position in real-time. The Garmin GTU 10 Tracker is available now from AT&T for about $150, which includes one free year of service.


  1. The Galaxy Note would be perfect for my Mom! The screen size and quality would finally get her off her basic phone and using features like e-books and browsing!

  2. Have to be honest, the Galaxy Note would be for me.  It’s truly awesome, the the size of the screen and maybe even more important the screen resolution just blows my mind.  The fact that the Note also comes with an active pen is just icing on the cake. 

  3. i like the samsung galaxy note and i want to gift it for my mom as a gift…………

  4. It would be great if I won the Galaxy Note, because my three-year-old Samsung Jet is starting to fail. I really need a new mobile phone for this summer.

  5. I think Samsung Galaxy Note is really a great product as it can bring your ideas to life! I hope i win!

  6. My moms cell phone is from the STONE AGE!! she never can justify buying herself a new phone because her old one still works. She is the best mom and deserves the best! i cant afford to buy her one, so please let me win it!

  7. I would love the galaxy note, that way I can sign my documents and send them w/o having to go somewhere, print them, sign, and return via fax. Love the idea of writing on the sreen and into ur documents.

  8. My mother would love this, in fact she’s already told me how much she wants the phone.  She loves phones with big screens, and she just began her business (does cakes).  She can draw out her cakes on this device and/or take note of someone’s order.  This would be perfect!

  9. This would be for me. Right now I have a basic tracphone and have really been wanting to a better phone with many more abilities.  My kids say I live in the stoneage and seriously, I’ve really been drooling over these Galaxy’s.  Thanks so much.

  10. What mom wouldn’t want the Galaxy Note? Heck I wish we could all win one! The big screen would be perfect for my mother, who needs reading glasses, but refuses to admit it 🙂 .  She currently has the old school Motorola Razr flip phone (she loves it) . She has been thinking of taking a step in the smartphone direction, why not take a giant leap to the Galaxy Note? 

  11. i would love to win this for my girl she is a mom and she wanted one of this but the price was too much she would love to win this.

  12. The galaxy note is the perfect size- easier to read and to operate than smaller phone systems- alot easier on the eyes both physically and cosmetically! I like how it also is pen driven- those type of notes seem more personalized when it is your loved ones own writing- very nice!

    (rafflecopter has me as a gmail addy)

  13. My mom would love to have this because she could carry it with her everywhere.

  14. I’d like the Galaxy Note for myself as I just have a basic phone that doesn’t do much.

  15. I’d love the Galaxy Note because… well, I’d like to give it to mom because of how big the screen is, but she would say, “No, no, you keep it, I don’t need a phone that big.” It’s a win-win for us both! I’ve been eyeing up this phone for a few months, but am still locked into a contract. Would love to replace my current phone with this! Thanks for the chance!

  16. I’d like to give my mom a phone so that she can stay in touch with me and my siblings in case she is sick and/or need our help. Currently she doesn’t have a phone and she has diabetes and tends to not take her meds. :( 

  17. A tablet seems like the perfect thing to take with me instead of my laptop for web and social media access on the go.

  18. I would like to win a Samsung Galaxy Note Smart Phone so I would have a place to put all my  contacts for work and I could use it to log onto my platform to access my clients and search for properties. Thank you so much!

  19. I would like to win a Samsung Galaxy Note Smart Phone so I would have a place to put all my  contacts for work and I could use it to log onto my platform to access my clients and search for properties. Thank you so much!

  20. I would like to win a Samsung Galaxy Note Smart Phone so I would have a place to put all my  contacts for work and I could use it to log onto my platform to access my clients and search for properties. Thank you so much!

  21. I would like to win a Samsung Galaxy Note Smart Phone so I would have a place to put all my  contacts for work and I could use it to log onto my platform to access my clients and search for properties. Thank you so much!

  22. I would like to win a Samsung Galaxy Note Smart Phone so I would have a place to put all my  contacts for work and I could use it to log onto my platform to access my clients and search for properties. Thank you so much!

  23. I would like to win a Samsung Galaxy Note Smart Phone so I would have a place to put all my  contacts for work and I could use it to log onto my platform to access my clients and search for properties. Thank you so much!

  24. I’d give it to my mom for Mother’s Day! She has given my family so much, she deserves a nice gift too! Thank You so much!

  25. This would be the best gift that i could give to my mother im all out of ideas for her mothers day gift can u help me out please

  26. I want to win the galaxy note because it is a nice size for me and it has an useful pen tool

  27. The galaxy note would be amazing for my mom it would be her first smart phone

  28. My mom would rock a Galaxy Note, she still has her old flip-phone and texting is frustrating for her (and me too!). I know she’d love to be able to check her email on the go; take all those great grandkid photos, and the calender function is a must since she’s still carrying an old day planner with her wherever she goes.

  29. The galaxy note would be perfect for me. I love the bigger size and the pen tool. I love to draw so this phone would be awesome to use and play with

  30. Love this phone would love to be able to use the s pen for art projects and quick notes. As a stay at home mom I am constantly making to do lists and grocery lists. This phone would be amazing, however I couldn’t afford it. 

  31. my mom is not a technology person so if i won this i would use this phone  because i have a business and i think this phone was made just for that, but i love my mom so much, i want to do something extravagent for her because without her, i wouldnt even be alive or have this business, love u mom, bye God bless. 

  32. well i havent got anything for my mom for mother day and i love her so much wit all my heart and i know this would be the best thing for her!!!!!!!!

  33. My grandmother would love the galaxy note because shes worked so hard for me, and care for me only and worked long hours with a cheap beat up phone and I feel like I want to thank her for raising me and taking care of me by thanking her with this galaxy note. I can just imagine how she won’t have to go all the way home just to use the internet, she would be able to use this anywhere and learn so much about it, I’ve already taught her a lot about computers, androids and things of that nature just by simple reading online. She would take a lot of family photos because our family is so spread out we hardly see each other so I know she would love to use the phone for that purpose and basically get rid of the computer and use this phone as the computer since it’s basically a tablet, lastly she is a business women so she can organize and have a device that makes her life easier for herself and for me lol. 

  34. I want the galaxy note because it has a pen tool that I can use to make lists with and draw with. I also love the bigger size.

  35. My mum could sure use a galaxy note. Since she finds it hard to use her tiny screen phone.. :|. Shes always asking me to do stuff on her mobile.

  36. I would love to win this Galaxy Note for my mom because she think her outdated Motorola Milestone is still a hip phone

  37. I would like to win this for my sister, she is a single mother of two and is the sole provider for her family.

  38. The Galaxy note would be an ideal for phone as well as pocket tablet. This is one of kind of phone which you can proudly carry as tablet and phone. 

  39. I would like to win the Galaxy Note, because as of right now we’ve never owned a cell phone, and this would be our first one.

  40. I would love the Note just for the stylus alone..I have very fat fingers which results in awful text messages that my friends and family don’t understand! 

  41. I’d love to win this for my mom b/c she’s tech challenged & is using a cell phone that doesn’t even have a camera in it that’s how old it is! The Galaxy Note would be perfect for her b/c of it’s ease of use, screen size & the awesome camera.

  42. I would love to win this for my wife as she could use it for her and our kids with its XL screen she could use it as an entertainment device for her and the kids as well as it would also be a huge upgrade from her old LG non smartphone that is well past its prime. Thanks for the chance.

  43. Mom is gone now, I still miss her everyday, but she would have loved this for the screen size alone. I would love it because it is portable. I need something I can bring out into the world instead of being tethered to a desk all the time

  44. My mom wants to see me marry my girlfriend, I need my small business to be more profitable before I feel comfortable being able to support her.  Keeping track of my social media on the go is a big part of me growing the customer base of my catering company.  I can’t afford a great phone like the galaxy note so this would really help me out and hopefully I could give my mom the best gift of all!!!

  45. My mom wants to see me marry my girlfriend, I need my small business to be more profitable before I feel comfortable being able to support her.  Keeping track of my social media on the go is a big part of me growing the customer base of my catering company.  I can’t afford a great phone like the galaxy note so this would really help me out and hopefully I could give my mom the best gift of all!!!

  46. If my mom were alive, she’d love all of the latest technical features of this phone, as well as just being able to stay in touch with her family no matter where she was.

  47. I’d love to win this for myself,not being greedy but my mother passed 8 years ago. Its been awhile since I received a nice Mothers day gift so I’d be thrilled.

  48. I would love the Note. I might actually be able to see the screen without hunting for my reading glasses first.

  49. haven’t had a phone in several months since my last one died, still in withdrawal!

  50. I would love to win this. It is perfect I love the way it looks and all of the neat options esp the ability to sign/draw things on the phone. I really love that it is a bigger phone. That is awesome! I have been hoping for a bigger smartphone. 

  51. I am a mom and I would love to win a galaxy note. I love to sketch and draw so this phone would be perfect for me. Plus I love the big size. I will be able to type with ease. Hope you pick me!

  52. I would love the Galaxy Note because I currently have a “dumbphone” that does no tricks.

  53. I think my mother in law would have a easier time using this than her current phone, thanks for the chance!

  54. This would be for me. I’m a mom so I guess I count. I don’t have a cellphone and really need one.


  55. I would love the Galaxy Note because the old phone I have now only works on speaker phone and even that seems to be dying.

  56. My mom would love to search internet on the phone since she asks me to search on my phone. Also, my mom wants more things on her new technology. It will be the best birthday and mother’s day gift for her

  57. I would love to win the Galaxy Note because it would free up my time spent at home making phone calls and searching the web for various items.  I can do it from the Galaxy Note virtually anywhere.

  58. I would love one because I really believe it could get me more organized!
    leenburke at yahoo dot com

  59.  The tracker or the note would be wonderful to help bring her into the 21 cent.

  60. My mom is finally starting to get into the electronics age and this would be a huge step on advancing her fun!

  61. My mom would love the screen size and apps. She’s a busy lady with grandkids, quilting and keeping the garden growing. This would be a great mother’s day gift.

  62. My grandchildren think my old phone is not cool. I think this would really impress them!!!

  63. This would be great for me, my phone broke and I’m already under contract with AT&T

  64. I’ve got the best mom in the world, but she still has one of these old nokia phones. She thinks she’s too old for a smartphone, thats why I want to give her one for Mothersday!

  65. I would love to Galaxy Note as a gift to myself for mother’s day because I desperately need a better phone for online use and texting.

  66. My Mom would really like the Galaxy because her computer quit working,and she loves talking to her family on facebook. This would be the best gift for her Thank You!

  67. My mom would love this because she is always admiring our smart phones but is too selfless to buy herself anything fancy! Thanks!

  68. This would be for me I love my mom but she would stare at it for hours she barely know how to answer her jitterbug I have wanted this phone since the first time I saw it I think it is awesome and it would be nice to get something for myself for a change

  69. My mom would love this because she’s stuck in the past with a very basic phone.

  70. My Mother would really get a lot of use from this. And she has been hinting for a new phone.

  71. I would love theGalaxy Note for one because I am still tech deprived and it would help keep me organized.

  72. My mom would love this phone, she has always had the same flip phone pretty much since the day phones were invented, it would be great to email her when she is at work and she can check on her phone, or to get pics of her grandkids, thank you so much for the chance to win!

  73. I would love the Galaxy Note because I have no cell phone right now. I love technology and I really want to win this technology. 

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