Kansas Boy Buys $1 Polaroid Camera, Unlocks Link to The Past

Usually, when a garage sale purchase takes you down memory lane, it means buying some thirty-year-old thing that looks like it would have belonged in your childhood home. Not so with the Polaroid camera Addison Logan bought last Thursday for $1 from a garage sale in Wichita, Kansas. Logan’s family got quite a surprise from what the 13-year-old found inside the camera’s cartridge.

Inside, he found an old picture of an uncle who had passed away in a car accident more than 20 years ago. Addison showed the photo to his grandmother, Lois Logan, not knowing who was in the picture. She was shocked to find a picture of her son at 17 years old, and even more shocked to discover that the photo came from a camera Addison had just purchased at a garage sale from a complete stranger.

The picture is of Scott Logan, now deceased, with his then-girlfriend sitting on a sofa. Lois guesses the photo was taken at 1978 or 1979, and that the photo likely belonged to her, though she has no guesses as to how the camera and the photo ended up at a stranger’s garage sale decades later.

It’s an incredible story of coincidence and teaches us a valuable lesson – if you see a Polaroid camera at a garage sale for $1, buying it is always a good idea.

Via The Wichita Eagle and New York Daily News

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