Proporta BeachBuoy Waterproof Case for iPhone and Mobile Devices

We can think of a thousand reasons where it’d be handy to have a waterproof iPhone or mobile device. The Proporta BeachBuoy Case is a waterproof pouch that’s easy to use and also buoyant (it floats). The Proporta BeachBuoy is an affordable solution to keeping your iPhone safe, while still maintaining most of iPhone’s usability.

The BeachBuoy is a waterproof pouch that guarantees to keep water out, up to 5 meters (16 feet) deep. It fits a small to regular sized device, the flatter the better. Inside the pouch is a foam insert which keeps the pouch buoyant. You can remove the foam and fit more in the pouch, however it would no longer float and it would be less protected.

With your item, or items, inside of the pouch, you first push both seals together, like a ziplock bag. After you confirm both seals are sealed, you fold the top of the pouch twice over and Velcro it shut. That’s all there is to it. The process of sealing it is pretty quick and opening it is even quicker. The pouch has a clear plastic screen on the front and back of the case. This plastic is touch friendly, so you can still use your iPhone regularly. If you remove the foam insert you can even use the back camera under water.

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The Proporta BeachBuoy isn’t just a safe way to protect your iPhone from water, but also from sand, dust, and any extreme activities. It comes with a lanyard cable so you can wear BeachBuoy over your neck. This is great for biking, kayaking, or running on the beach.

Pricing in at just $13.95 from Amazon.com, the BeachBuoy is well worth the price. It’s a straight forward product that does its job and does it right. Surprisingly, you can even make phone calls with the BeachBuoy. I was able to hear callers perfectly, while my voice was only very muffled. The BeachBuoy has enough room for your iPhone (or other device), credit card, ID, cash, and chapstick. You can swim anywhere with it and have everything you need with the Proporta BeachBuoy.

The Good: Inexpensive, durable, waterproof (tested), easy to use, roomy, iPhone is still usable, phone calls work

The Bad: Can’t use with headphones, rear camera is blocked (unless removing buoyant insert)

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