Pyle’s Latest Turntable is So Vintage, it Plays Cassette Tapes!

You all know retro has been in these days, with vinyl records enjoying a new surge in popularity. And, of course, we’re not going to totally spurn the technology and convenience of today’s mp3s. So, what’s forgotten in all this? Mid-range retro – I’m talking about cassette tapes.

Outdated, but not quite old enough to be fully-fledged retro, the cassette tape has largely been forgotten. No longer, as Pyle has introduced their Vintage Turntable With CD/Cassette/Radio/Aux-In/USB/SD/MP3 and Vinyl-to-MP3 Encoding. Not one for snappy names, Pyle has explained pretty much everything in that mouthful of a title. You’ll find a tape deck, a CD player, SD and USB ports for mp3s, a turntable that can play at 33 and 45 RPM, and, yes, even a cassette tape deck. Hopefully you haven’t sold all of your old tapes just yet.

Even better, you can use the turntable to convert your vinyl and cassette tunes to mp3s, adding a nice touch of convenience to an already impressive machine in terms of functionality.

Every product that has ever called itself an all-in-one music player needs to take it back – this product is the only thing that deserves the title. There’s only one way to improve from here – let’s hope that with Pyle’s next turntable, we’ll finally be able to dust off our 8-tracks.

The Vintage Turntable With CD/Cassette/Radio/Aux-In/USB/SD/MP3 and Vinyl-to-MP3 Encoding is selling for $184, which isn’t too shabby, considering how much you can do with this device.

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