Rainbow Winters New Clothing Line Transforms When Exposed to the Sun

Thankfully, the dynamic apparel industry is no longer cornered by the people responsible for equalizer T-shirts. Rainbow Winters has released the A/W 12-13 ‘Structural Colour’ line of clothing, which employs some pretty cool tech to change appearance when exposed to different conditions.

We featured Rainbow Winters’ designer, Amy Konstanze Mercedes Rainbow Winters, a while back, talking about the visual light show her pieces of clothing offer. This new line has a very undersea feel to it, which Rainbow Winters says is inspired by the “liquid iridescence & the depths of the aquatic underworld.”

The line uses “structural color,” which relies on color by diffraction, rather than absorption. It’s what gives tropical fish their unique colors, and what gives Rainbow Winters’ clothing the metallic sheen you see, even though the clothing is actually made from low-cost polymer materials. Those colors will change when exposed to sunlight, but they also respond to movement – the clothing will glisten, shine, and transform as the wearer walks down the street.

The new fashion line also features matching accessories, in the form of jewelry and headpieces. These employ lenticular lenses that cause the items to change in color and appearance as the observer changes their viewing angle.

One thing is for sure – if you want to get noticed, wearing Rainbow Winters’ A/W 12-13 ‘Structural Colour’ line will do that. There’s not much out there that looks anything remotely like this, or has this kind of science working in the background. Credit to Rainbow Winters for being bold with this line, and for helping to pioneer the fusion of tech and fashion. I will admit that the headpiece looks like it could double as a deadly weapon, but hey, maybe that’s just the material playing tricks on my eyes.

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