The New Rdio Can Be Enjoyed by Everyone

Rdio’s redesigned web app is available for everyone to use now, and it promises to make music listening and socializing a little more convenient for all.

This means that everything will be on one page, and easily accessible. Rdio’s new main page looks a lot like iTunes, with a playlists bar on the left, music browsing in the center, and a social bar added on the right. You can now add entire albums to playlists, and browsing is made more convenient because the app will remember your browsing progress – if you click to check out an album, you can return to exactly where you were on the browsing page right after.

On the social bar, you’ll be able to see every0ne in your network and what they are currently listening to. You can also hover over songs or albums to find out which of your friends, if any, have given them a listen. Heavy Rotations can be created based on your preferences and your friends’ preferences, and playlist creation is made a little bit easier via drag-and-drop.

Now that Rdio has a cleaner and more user-friendly web interface, it could become a little more attractive than Spotify, which lacks a browser app, to the chagrin of many. This is probably the most significant change Rdio has made to its service yet, so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for an alternative web-based music player.

Update 7/9/12: Check out our full review of Rdio.

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