Ditch Your Pumped Up Kicks for REMYXX Recyclable Sneakers

The triangle recycling logo pops up on a lot of materials these days, and that’s great. You can find it on just about every piece of plastic, every cardboard box. On shoes? Maybe not so much, until now.

The REMYXX Recyclable Sneakers are 100% recyclable, made from lab certified materials that have the look and feel of canvas and rubber. Only four different styles are planned for the initial launch, but it looks like the concepts for many more are already prepared. All of the designs feature the commonly seen triangle recycling logo, so you can let everyone know your shoes won’t go to waste after it’s time to lay them to rest.

REMYXX is currently looking for Kickstarter funding, and has been able to garner a fair amount of support so far, collecting about $7,600 out of the roughly $40,000 creator Gary Gagnon is looking for. You can check out the Kickstarter page for reward levels. $65 is the minimum pledge for a pair of sneakers to be sent to you come launch time.

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