Rockboard Radiate Skateboard Might Be Cooler than the Hoverboard (Review)

Rockboard’s Radiate Skateboard turns ordinary skateboarding on its ear, because folks, this is not your average skateboard! The Radiate Skateboard comes equipped with 48 perfectly placed LED lights that take skateboarding to new colorful heights. Some hardcore skateboard enthusiasts may scoff at such a frilly skateboard, but when you put it to work, the light effects that radiate from the street from under the board are magical.

What’s In the Box:

  • Radiate Skateboard
  • AC Adapter
  • Skateboard Y Tool

The skateboard is made of a 7 ply hard rock maple, 95A rebound formula wheels, 356A aluminum cast trucks, grade 8 axles, an 80 grit tread surface and abrasion resistance bearings. So this is very much a durable skateboard, even if it may look like a toy. Can you go pro-skateboarding on the Radiate? Probably not, but you’ll look amazing riding it. The inclusion of the skateboard tool is great too, just in case you want to replace parts or tune up your board. There is also an AC Adapter included to charge your skateboard so that the LED lights work – no cumbersome batteries required! On the underside of the skateboard is your typical loud design you would find on any skateboard deck. If this particular design doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are several other designs to choose from and in random colors.

Once you have charged this baby up, it’s time to take it out for a little night riding… just flip the tiny switch to ON (which can be found on the deck). The board looks great during the day, but if you really want to impress people with your skateboarding talent or perhaps lack thereof, it is best to take this little beauty out right around dusk. It’s that perfect part of the day that can show off the special effects of the skateboard without being too dark. The visual effects are stunning and will elicit a few ooohs and ahhhs from passerby.

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Rockboard’s Radiate Skateboard will set you back about $89.99, and it’s available with a choice of 8 different board designs. And sure, it may not be as cool as a hover-board, but it is still mightily impressive. Its LED lights will have people spot you from blocks away. And even if your skateboarding skills suck, friends will be so enthralled with your light show, that your lack of talent will probably go unnoticed. We also suggest that you avoid riding this is in the rain, since there is electricity flowing through the board. But at the end of the day, even if you take it for just a few spins around the block, the Radiate will look awesome mounted in your home with the LED lights turned to ON.

The Good: Kids and adults will want it, solid construction, unique concept, a moving LED light show, and you will attract a lot of attention.

The Bad: You probably shouldn’t use it in the rain, also you will attract a lot of attention – some of which may be unwanted…

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