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Samsung Galaxy Note Flip Cover Review


We reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note a while back, but now we finally have had a chance to play around with the Galaxy Note Flip Cover case. The Flip Cover is one of the smartest smartphone accessories we have seen to date. That is because Samsung designed the Flip Cover to be super thin by keeping the device’s form-factor slim. They have managed to do this by having the back of the Flip Case replace the Galaxy Note’s battery cover. This design concept is so brilliant yet simple, so why hasn’t any other smartphone manufacturer thought of this type of accessory until now!?

The front flap of the flip cover is made of a soft leather that offers extra protection to the Galaxy Note’s display. The front flap is also able to easily fold back when you’re using the device. Overall, the Flip Cover doesn’t only add much bulk to the device, and it doesn’t add too much heft either.

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The Galaxy Note Flip Cover retails for $29.99 and is available in several colors including black, navy, brown, white, and orange. All in all, the Galaxy Note Flip Cover is really a must have accessory if you’re a Galaxy Note user.

The Good: Super smart design, super thin and lightweight, reasonably priced.

The Bad: Would love to see more colors and cover designs, awkward to use when making calls and holding up-to your ear.