Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Covers Are Coming

Samsung’s ingenious flip covers, first sold for the Galaxy Note, are now heading for the Galaxy S3. For those who haven’t checked out the similar cases for the Note, these flip covers keep the screen protected without adding too much unnecessary bulk.

That’s because the flip cover actually replaces the back battery cover. It’s actually almost identical to the normal back battery cover, only with a hard synthetic cover that can be flipped over the front of the phone.

The only drawback is that it’s a little awkward to hold when actually making a call. But, if you put safety first and whether or not you can slip your phone into your pocket comfortably second, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover is an ideal case, though it comes at a less than ideal price – about $50. That might be asking a little much for a case that doesn’t really protect the phone from impacts.


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