Sena’s Borsetta iPad Leather Purse is Portable Luxury (Review)

There are plenty of purses that can fit an iPad, but few that integrate a built-for-iPad case into the mix. This cross body purse has the efficiency of a business portfolio with the styling of a designer handbag. Its materials are top quality and functionality is high.

At first touch the Borsetta is noticeably soft due to the high quality full grain genuine leather straight from Napa – yes, they do more than just wine there. On the outside cover there is a subtle light stitching woven throughout for a crisp clean look. This melds nicely with the braided leather strap that snaps over the two compartments for a secure closure. The included cross body strap is long and sturdy. It too is soft leather and very comfortable to use, it just hooks right into two clips on the side, providing an option to carry it without the strap as a portfolio, or clutch.





The first zippered compartment could easily function as a small purse for the day. There are several slots for various, papers, cards, money, pens and whatnot. On the opposing side there is a pocket that fits an iPhone with or without a slim bumper. Behind this is another zippered pocket that could fit some thin items like lipstick or a mirror. The compartment does stretch wide open so one could even fit a small notebook or magazine.

The iPad compartment is like most built in cases, where it just slips right in from the left and is secured with a velcro strap. This case provides very minimal enclosure, leaving access to all plug ins completely open as well as the corners. While this maybe great for a clean minimalist look, it may be cause for concern when carrying this as a purse, since the iPad itself is not completely protected from the elements. Because it is not enclosed with a zipper, but merely with a strap, it will be necessary to shield it from rain. The cross body strap attaches to the back of this case, thus placing all carrying weight on that one button strap. Is this enough to keep it from flinging open? Well I didn’t run into any problems, but it is good to be aware of.

The case can fold backwards to utilize the two heights of horizontal viewing stands that button into the side. This is a convenient feature that is much less awkward to use without the straps attached. The material on the corresponding side is a nice soft velvet.

Overall, this is a high quality, well thought-out iPad bag that is excellent in applied uses such as flying on an airplane, business meetings by day, and for use in classes. It is not practical to use as an everyday purse for me personally, but if you are a light packer then it may work great for you. The Borsetta is available in red and black for iPad 3, but also works with iPad 2. It retails for $149.99 at Sena.

The Good: Sleek stylish design, convenient dual feature of purse/iPad case.

The Bad: Pricey, and the iPad is not completely shielded from elements.

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