Hands-on with the Sonos SUB Compact Subwoofer

Sonos just took their devices as well as their customers to the next level with the new Sonos SUB. The Sonos SUB is a very originally designed subwoofer that is designed to work in tandem with all amplified Sonos players. But unlike most subwoofers, not only is the SUB designed to be relatively compact, it’s also quite attractive. As a matter of fact, its design looks less like a subwoofer, and more like a decorative piece you would place in your living room. And fortunately, the SUB’s design is not only pretty, but also practical – it’s designed to even work when stashed under a couch or under a bed. Sonos has actually designed the SUB in such a way that it can be positioned both horizontally and vertically without degrading your listening experience one bit.

The SUB also promises a wireless, one-button set-up that allows it to seamlessly integrate with a Sonos system. We got a brief demo of the Sonos SUB in which it was hooked up to two Play:3 Speakers. We we left the demo, quite taken away with its warm deep bass, ultimately bringing whole a new level of audiophile experience to the existing SONOS Play:3 speakers.

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The Sonos SUB goes on sale next month for $699 with a black gloss finish. A matte finish will also be available come September. Black is the only color it will come in for now, so all you white lovers, you will have to keep waiting. The missing piece of the Sonos system has arrived and it’s sublime.

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