Sony Introduces Open Source Extensions for their SmartWatch

Sony’s Android-equipped SmartWatch is trying to make itself a little more useful with the release of two new open source extensions for the bite-sized smart device.

The wrist-worn SmartWatch, which can connect to other mobile devices via Bluetooth, now has a music extension that enables Android’s native music player on the SmartWatch. Because it’s open source, developers can work with the extension to make it compatible with other music players. That extension will be limited in functionality, as is the nature of the SmartWatch. It will only be able to handle track back, track forward, pause/play, and volume control.

The SmartWatch will also have a tile slider game, using either numbers or images stored to one of your devices. The slider game is called 8 Game, and is one of those sliding tile games where you need to rearrange eight tiles on a 3×3 grid in order to put the picture together. That game will also be open source, though it’s hard to say what that will exactly mean in the future.


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