iPad App of the Week: Spotify for iPad Does Spotify Things

If you were expecting big things from the Spotify for iPad app, you might want to rein it in a little. This app does Spotify as you know it, and not much more.

It’s an iPad app, so first and foremost, the app brags about taking advantage of the Retina display with high-res album and artist artwork. That’s nice, but it’s not why people use Spotify. Outside of the nice artwork, there’s not much else to this app – you can browse for music, look through your friends’ catalogs, and check out trending tracks and albums. AirPlay integration is a nice bonus, though.

If you’re a Spotify subscriber and an iPad owner, there’s no reason to not get this app. If you’re not already a Spotify subscriber, this app isn’t going to convert you, either.

Spotify for iPad is available now on the iTunes App Store for free. You will need a Premium account, but Spotify is offering a free 48 hour trial run for those interested in trying out the app before putting down cash.

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