SyncMate Syncs a Mac with Multiple Devices, Even PCs

Your Mac will finally be able to get a little more cozy with the rest of your devices (Apple 0r non-Apple) thanks to SyncMate. SyncMate is a powerful suite of syncing software that will handle syncing of files on your Mac to Android devices, Windows Mobile devices, Nokia S40 phones, other Macs, PCs, iOS devices, and PSPs, with BlackBerry support on the way. SyncMate also supports cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

SyncMate promises pretty robust functionality, including syncing of calendars, files, bookmarks, and contacts across operating systems. SyncMate also offers their own cloud storage in the form of an Online Storage Account, which is intended to be used as data backup and can be encrypted.

SyncMate will be offered in Free and Expert varieties. The Expert version allows for iTunes, iPhoto, Mail, separate folders, Notes, to-do lists, time, and bookmark synchronization, among other goodies. The Free version is limited to syncing of SMS messages, iCal and Contacts.

The Expert version is a one-time purchase of $40. That purchase includes two license keys, so you can install the software on two different Macs. You can use the syncing services themselves on as many devices as you have, though.

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