Lenovo Struts Out Super Skinny ThinkCentre Edge 92z and M92z All-in-ones

Edge 92z

Lenovo is looking to make a splash in the business world with the ThinkCentre Edge 92z and the M92z, two all-in-one desktop PCs. Both computers value space-saving without sacrificing too much in the way of power.

The Edge 92z is so named for its thin design, based around a full HD 21.5” LED Infinity Screen. Its slim 2.5inches wide frame houses as good as an Intel i7 processor and 2 GB of Discrete graphics. The PC will be USB 3.0 compatible, has HDMI in and out ports, and features an EE3.0 RapidBoot Accelerator, for 30% faster boot-up times. Multitasking is managed and driven by VMU software. The Edge 92z uses Think VoIP and is Microsoft Lync certified. There is also echo and noise suppression, ideal for offices where you don’t want employees distracting each other. Finally, and perhaps most intriguingly, there will be Windows 8 Touch support for that 21.5” screen, with multi-touch included as an extra option.


The M92z is the Edge’s slightly more bulky cousin, and is based around a 23” IPS LED panel with anti-glare and multi-touch. It can also be powered by as good as an Intel i7 processor, and, like the Edge, is equipped with Think VoIP. The M92z also packs in a pretty healthy 16 GB of RAM. THE ICE2 system manages the performance of the PC, keeping it cool and lengthening the life of the M92z. It, too, is Microsoft Lync certified, and features noise and echo suppression. It’s also looking like one of the most eco-friendly PCs on the market, with a glut of green certifications backing it.

Both ThinkCentre PCs are being marketed towards businesses big and small because of their multitasking and sound suppression features. Best of all might be the space-saving nature of the all-in-one PC, which makes installation in bulk at the office a very simple matter.

Pricing for the super skinny Edge 92z will start at $699 when it lands in July. Meanwhile, pricing for the M92z will start at $799 when it goes on sale in June.

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