Hypnotize Your Audience with the Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom Vertigo

Shredders, shred on. The new Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom Vertigo is an axe inspired by Wylde’s trademark bullseye guitar design and status as a metal legend.

Wylde, most famous for playing with Ozzy Osbourne and founding Black Label Society, teamed up with Gibson Les Paul to create the Vertigo, which features a mahogany back and a maple neck, along with a natural finish on the front juxtaposed with an ebony black finish on the back. The eclectic design makes the Vertigo as much of a pleasure to look at as it is to play.

That playing will mostly be done by the metal heads out there. The Vertigo was designed with special humbuckers in the neck and bridge personally chosen by Wylde for the purpose of bringing out the most in fiery, fast guitar solos. According to Gibson’s website, the guitar should be ideal for those dabbling in thrash, metal, or speed.

Each guitar will have its own serial number, which will be released and sold in sequence, starting with ZWVTO 001. Shredding like a rock legend comes at a price, though – to the tune of $3,799. Don’t hang your heads just yet, metal fans – that’s the MSRP, so it’s still possible you could find a cheaper deal with a little patience.


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