Samsung Galaxy S III Android Creatures Case is for Android Fanboys

Chances are, if someone sees you rocking a Samsung Galaxy S III, they’ll be able to tell whether or not you’re an Android fan. But some might not be able to! If you need those people to know which side of the smartphone war you fight for, get ready to arm yourself with the Android Creatures Case.

Galaxy S III owners can buy this soft-shell case from CaseMate, which features the green Android mascot against a blue background, which sort of makes it look like it is swimming. Hopefully it’s a waterproof android, or he’s going to have a pretty bad time in short order.

No release date is confirmed, but you can pre-order an Android Creatures Case on MobileFun.co.uk for about $31.

Update 3/22/12: Check out our review of the case here.

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