Angry Birds in Space is Their Third Board Game

There’s another Angry Birds board game, and it looks…just like the other two. With some space stuff thrown in. I don’t know how much farther they can go with this concept.

The Entertainment Earth pre-order page for Angry Birds 3 Birds in Space is pretty sparse on details, which I guess makes sense. From the pictures, it looks like Blue Bird has been added to the mix, while Red Bird is wearing his black space goggles. Not that matters a whole lot – they function the same way as any other bird in an Angry Birds board game would, which is that they fly into blocks and knock them down. No special abilities for the birds means that, like the other two board games, this one will likely be short on replay value. It goes without saying that long-term, the app version will win out, every time.

After all, Angry Birds 3 Birds in Space really is just a cosmetic change to the same game that’s already been released (twice). Then again, Monopoly has been doing that for decades and it’s worked out pretty well for Rich Uncle Pennybags.

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