Celebrate Flip Flop Day With These Absurd Flip Flops

If you haven’t heard – today is national Flip Flop Day! No this isn’t the day that people can’t make up their minds about something. Today we honor the most glorious piece of footwear, the flip flop. That rubberized shoe that isn’t quite a sandal but yet not quite a slipper either. It’s just simply the most wonderful thing humankind created. It’s perfect for the beach or slipping into after your feet kill from a whole day in heels. It’s the go-to shoe for Sunday bagel runs or a quick errands. It is also the cheapest shoe we would ever put on our feet, but it is probably the best article of footwear we will wear in our lifetime.

But like all simple treasures, sometimes they can go awry. Check out the gallery of some of the more odd flip flops that have made it into production and don’t forget to take your flip flop out for a walk today, they deserve it.

[nggallery id=1078]

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