These Chocolate Skulls Would Be a Pricey Treat for Hannibal Lecter

At the risk of encouraging a disturbing trend of head-centered cannibalism, these tasty skulls look to be positively to die for for the chocolate-craving crowd. Each skull is a hefty chunk of Belgian chocolate. How hefty? 2.5 kg, or about 5.5 pounds, worth, coming in either white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate.

The skulls, which bring new meaning to the phrase “death by chocolate”, are molded on real human skulls, and even have cracks that give them that old, antiquated look, like they were just dug up from whatever historical place had people made of chocolate.

If nothing else, your next Hamlet performance will be a little more tasty with one of these guys. Or, you can just pace yourself – these chocolate skulls stay edible for up to a year. And, luckily for everyone, these Chocolate Skulls are available for the perfectly reasonable price of……….$537.49 each? Alright. I’m not even sure where to go from there. For that price, I’m expecting a scale model of this place made entirely out of chocolate. Even then.

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