Android App of the Week: Verizon and Facebook Cut a Deal to Bring Color Videos to Users

Facebook users who currently have Verizon as their wireless carrier can now download Color, an uploader that works directly with Facebook. Aside from standard picture and video uploading, Color allows for batch uploading and, more significantly, live video uploading directly to Facebook. Color users can stream up to 30 seconds of live video to their Facebook accounts. Friends and fans of pages will receive notifications on their devices when a live stream starts. It’s unclear whether or not that means all friends and fans, or just those who also have Color.

30 seconds is pretty paltry, but then again, this app seems to be more of an intricate advertisement for Verizon’s new 4G speeds than a fully fledged live video uploader; after all, Verizon probably doesn’t want a ton of lengthy live streams putting a drag on that highly touted 4G network.  Despite that, if you think you can capture an interesting moment in 30 seconds (by no means impossible), you might as well give Color a spin.Color is available for free, but is limited to Verizon users. Users can either download the app from Google Play or the iTunes App Store or dial COLOR on their Android phones or iPhones.

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