Crayola Mini Nail Polish Because We Love to Color Our Nails

How many of us have attempted to color our nails with Crayola Crayons? It never worked and we just made a mess. So it’s about time Crayola listened to our cries and made a collection of nail polish that represents their  iconic colors. Now you can easily paint your nails all the colors of the rainbow easily. No more waxy crayon mess on your nails. Nope, these Crayola nail polish colors come complete in a Crayola “crayons” box adding authenticity to a classic product that has just been reinvented for fashionistas everywhere. While the colors are a collection of lighter shades it is still very fashionable. The Crayola Mini-Nail polish set retails for $12 from Fred Flare and won’t require scraping colored wax off your finger nails.

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