Cygnett Lavish Earth and Glam iPad 3 Folio Case Review

Cygnett built a great iPad case with an extremely functional design, and then turned it into two very different looking cases. While they’re essentially the same, the Cygnett Lavish Earth and Glam Folio Cases for the New iPad 3 have entirely different personalities.

Cygnett has two totally different product lines for their portfolio case. Why change when you have a good thing going? The functional design of both the Lavish Earth and Glam Folio case is essentially the same. The New iPad 3 slides into a frame on the inside, and is locked in with a velcro tab. The frame has openings for all ports, buttons, and switches. There’s a large cutout on the back for the rear camera. The front cover is magnetic and functions as iPad’s magnetic smart lock, for automatically waking and sleeping iPad.

The Cygnett Folio cases all have four different angles at which they can be propped up in portrait mode, however it can actually prop iPad up at just about any angle in between the four defined settings. The back cover of the case folds. With the front cover flat on a surface, iPad pivots off the back cover and sits in one of three place holders on the inside front cover (refer to pictures). The inside of the front cover actually has enough friction to stand iPad anywhere in between those placeholders. The fourth angle is iPad laying on top of the front cover. This puts iPad at a slightly tilted angle perfect for typing.

Although the color schemes are different, both cases have a micro-fiber interior. They also each have a slightly cushioned exterior. Both do a great job of protecting iPad. There’s a good buffer between the corners of the cases and the corners of iPad. The cases have some weight, but not an unreasonable amount.

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The Lavish Earth case is appropriately named. It’s beautifully covered in a very soft and natural looking leather (faux-leather?). It really does give it an earthy look. The grained leather comes in dark purple, black, or sandstone, which also plays a part in the earthy look. We reviewed the purple model. Even as a heterosexual male, I love the purple model. It’s a very slight tint, and in low light it appears black. It even has dark purple stitching all the way around the sides. It’s awesome. The micro-fiber interior is a little more purple-looking.

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The Glam Red case is on the opposite end of the spectrum. While the Lavish Earth is aesthetically toned down, the Glam is bright and loud. It’s not just very red, but it’s glossy red. It’s glam! The high-gloss material is clean, durable, and smooth. Only in bright light are fingerprints noticeable. The inside of the Glam Red case is black microfiber, which is an attractive color combo.

Both the Glam Red and Lavish Earth are very attractive, but more importantly, they’re extremely functional. Choose the model that best fits your personality. The Cygnett Glam Red and Cygnett Lavish Earth for the New iPad 3 are currently available from Cygnett.com for $59.99. Each can be found on Amazon.com for about $50. They’re both extremely usable cases that are durable, protective, and attractive. At $50, it’s affordable and better than a lot of the similarly priced alternatives.

The Good: Great Designs, Very Functional, Built-In Multi-Angle Stand, Protective, Durable, Auto-Wake Cover

The Bad: A Tad Thick, Charging Port is Deep and Tricky to Access

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