D-Link Takes on Roku and Apple TV with Movienite Plus

Whether it’s Western Digital, Apple, or Roku, everyone is trying to get in on the streaming entertainment box action, and now D-Link has joined the fray with their new DSM-21 Movienite Plus. The Movienite Plus comes with Vudu, Netflix, Pandora, Picasa, YouTube, Hulu Plus, and Amazon, all read to stream out of the box. Plus, D-Link says that support for more services are on the way. Built-in wireless, and the ability to stream in 1080P are standard fare here. On the output side you get both HDMI out and composite video/audio connections. A remote control is included as well.

Does the world need another media streamer to compete with Apple TV? That remains to be seen. Especially since most of the MovieNite Plus’s features are ordinary. That said, the device also has support for mydlink, which lets D-Link cloud enabled camera owners access live video, so that they can monitor their home, kids and pets, straight from a TV. This last feature might be the ace up D-Link’s sleeve.

And yes, the design of the D-Link MovieNite Plus certainly does look familiar. Fortunately, it will be priced combatively at $79.99. It’s available now on Amazon now for pre-order and it will go on sale on July 4th.

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