DAVID Delight Pro Claims to Stimulate Brain Waves, Good Feelings

Mind Machines, makers of the DAVID Delight Pro, claim that their new device can stimulate brain waves using a wide range of light and sound shows. Sounds like you won’t need to totally zone out to use the DAVID Delight Pro, though – eye holes in the glasses allow for the user to still see the light show part while exercising or reading.

The DAVID Delight Pro uses cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) along with those light and sound shows. I’m not sure how the product uses CES, because the clips included can be used dry, and look a combination of the clips you put on open bags of potato chips and the clips you put on a dead car battery to jump it. That CES stimulation is supposedly the key to enhancing mood and brain function. Lights and sounds combinations are organized into five categories, based on intended purpose – Energize, Meditate, Brain Brightening, Sleep, and Feeling Better. Within each category, there are five different sessions.

Despite being able to multitask with this device, it seems like best results would come from total immersion. Users can create their own combinations of lights and sounds to create five customized sessions. The color stimulation choices for the light are white, blue, cyan, green, yellow, red and magenta. The sounds use both monaural and binaural beats to create their mind-altering effects.

There is an option to purchase the DAVID Delight Pro with earphones, rather than headphones. The whole package comes with an oversize pair of glasses that could pass for huge Oakleys while you’re at the gym, headphones/earphones, a CES stimulus cable, a control panel, and a few travel accessories.

The DAVID Delight Pro is selling now for a mind-blowing $495.


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