Desk with Built-in Speakers is Perfect for Laptops

The march of the wired furniture continues onward. The Compact Computer Desk is a sleek, mobile, and space-efficient – and that’s not even mentioning its electronic parts.

The Compact Computer Desk, on sale now from Sharper Image, is a desk on wheels that is minimalist in appearance, but manages to pack in a ton of functionality. It includes two built-in stereo speakers and a 3-port USB hub so you can charge all of your mobile devices. More importantly, it packs in a cooling fan to keep the temperature on your laptop down, though we can only hope those fans last longer than the typical external fans on the market – a busted fan stuck in your table wouldn’t exactly be ideal.

The desk can be powered by your laptop, but if you don’t want to put that extra strain on your notebook, you can use the included A/C adapter to keep the desk powered, as well.

These ingenious little desks are rolling out from Sharper Image for about $100 – not a bad price for the amount of features you’re getting.

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